Daily News: February 6, 2015

SSG Capital Advisors Launches Energy Group

SSG Capital Advisors formed a new group dedicated to advising middle market companies in the energy industry. This expanded, highly focused group will further support companies facing instability and financial challenges, and will offer strategic advisory services to help businesses identify new opportunities and generate value.

In addition, SSG has formed a strategic alliance with Chiron Financial Group, a Houston-based investment bank with a long history of delivering services to the energy market. Chiron brings an industry leading oil and gas financial team, as well as a track record of working alongside engineers, geologists and geophysicists to understand and address business financial issues.

From exploration through production and distribution, SSG and Chiron have completed deals in all energy sectors including oil and gas, coal, nuclear, wind, solar and biofuel, and have experience with energy services and equipment companies as well. They bring senior-level expertise and insightful, strategic thinking to each engagement.

“In perhaps one of the most challenging business climates this industry has experienced in recent years, energy companies are confronted with liquidity and cash flow constraints, falling asset values and an imbalance of supply and demand in the energy value chain,” said Mark E. Chesen, SSG managing director. “SSG’s Energy Group will focus on maximizing value for businesses as they navigate these challenges.”

“I’m excited to partner with SSG to broaden our reach and further assist the continuum of companies in the energy sector,” said Jay Krasoff, Chiron managing director. “This strategic alliance offers a unique combination of expertise that will add significant value to our clients as they address unstable market conditions and sector volatility.”