Daily News: January 17, 2014

SOLIC Adds Investment Banking and Restructuring Team

SOLIC Capital announced it completed the transition of Navigant Capital Advisors’ Investment Banking and Restructuring Group into an affiliate of SOLIC, forming SOLIC Capital Advisors LLC (SCA).

The purpose of SOLIC’s formation was driven by client demand since Navigant typically provides consulting-related solutions, not capital deployment in distressed situations. The SOLIC team has now completed an integrated platform that provides principal investing capital solutions, distressed asset management, investment banking and restructuring advisory services in an efficient, cost-effective, industry-leading solution for middle-market special situations and consolidation activities.

SOLIC was formed in 2012 by Edward R. Casas, and his team of professionals who have worked together for over 15 years on 100s of mandates across multiple disciplines and industry sectors. Dr. Casas previously served as head of Navigant Capital Advisors for nearly a decade, and is an investment banking and restructuring industry veteran. Under the leadership of Dr. Casas, SOLIC’s team has consummated over 475 mandates involving principal investments, fiduciary operating roles, financial advisory, capital placements, mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, and restructurings involving over $90 billion in capitalization.

“The addition of SCA brings to market a business model and operating philosophy we believe to be an industry first,” said Dr. Casas. “Our principal investing and distressed asset management teams have now been joined by a sophisticated, seasoned financial advisory arm that has worked on hundreds of restructurings and M&A transactions for both troubled and growth-oriented companies in a wide variety of industries. SOLIC can now leverage its deep experience to provide efficient and cost-effective solutions to any middle-market capital or operating special situation.”

SOLIC comprises three distinct yet interrelated components: Principal Investing, Distressed Asset Management and Financial Advisory, with experience across a wide array of industry sectors including: business / professional services, consumer / retail; energy, financial services, healthcare; industrial / manufacturing, infrastructure and real estate / construction operating companies.

SCA is a boutique investment bank that provides merger, acquisition, divestiture and restructuring advisory; capital placement and valuation services to corporations, institutional investors and other constituents. Together, SCA professionals have worked on capital restructuring, sell-side / buy-side advisory and capital placement transactions involving more than $90 billion in capitalization. SOLIC Capital LLC is the registered FINRA licensed broker-dealer.

SOLIC Capital Management (SCM) is the principal investing arm of SOLIC. It focuses on control or influence positions in middle-market companies requiring operational rehabilitation or capital restructuring. SCM has been active in the market. Most recently, in August 2013, SCM closed on the acquisition of Eagle Hospital Physicians, a Dallas- and Atlanta-based hospitalist staffing company.

SOLIC Capital provides solutions to investors, lenders and creditors in the management of distressed assets resulting from failed financial institutions, poorly performing hedge funds and troubled private equity portfolios. The firm provides turn-key portfolio services to single companies, as well as to portfolios of unrelated, distressed assets including, oversight, fiduciary decision making and back-office administrative services and litigation management. SOLIC currently manages in excess of $300 million of asset portfolios.