Daily News: December 31, 2014

Six Brands That May Not Make It Through 2015

Inc. released its list of six brands that may not make it through 2015. Below is an excerpt of the list, including the reason for the dooming prediction.


RadioShack lost $161 million in the second quarter and posted a 13.4% drop in comparable sales. Both Moody’s and Fitch have warned that the company’s cash stake is perilously low. Its market cap is down to just $38 million.

American Apparel

American Apparel posted net losses of more than $300 million since 2010. Its cash position has plummeted from $16.7 million in March to $9.4 million in September. American Apparel has reportedly received a buyout offer valuing the company at $1.30 to $1.40 per share from Irving Place.

Sears Holdings

Sears Holdings stock has fallen 34 percent this year, Sears’ cash position is shrinking and The Wall Street Journal recently reported that vendors tightened their financing terms ahead of the holiday season.

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