Daily News: July 24, 2014

Monroe Capital Expands Facility to OSG Billing Services

Monroe Capital LLC announced an increase in the credit facility to OSG Billing Services, an ESOP-owned business, to support the acquisition of SouthData (SDI).

Mount Airy, NC-based SDI is a national, full-service document management provider specializing in electronic and paper based billing; high quality variable printing; distribution and mail services; electronic and film based storage; and IT support services.

OSG is a next-generation business technology partner providing integrated multi-channel print and electronic solutions through a state-of-the-art processing environment. OSG offers comprehensive and flexible solutions including electronic billing and invoice statement services, document printing and mailing and a suite of forward-thinking marketing campaigns.

The acquisition brings together two industry leaders of outsourced billing and critical customer communication services that share similar visions. Furthermore, the combined companies further expands OSG’s customer, industry and geographic diversification.