Daily News: November 25, 2013

Hastings Ranked Second Most Innovative Law Firm

Paul Hastings, a leading global law firm, announced that the firm was ranked second overall in a list of the top 40 most innovative law firms in the Financial Times U.S. Innovative Lawyers 2013 report. The annual report distinguishes innovative lawyers and law firms, which according to the publication, “have brought original thinking and practices to business issues in the U.S.”

Paul Hastings has been recognized as one of the most innovative law firms in the four years the report has been published, placing third in the 2012 report and in the top five and top ten in prior years. The firm has also topped the Business of Law category two years in a row. In addition, two of the firm’s lawyers were recognized as leading innovative individuals in “the top 10 agents for change” category in both the 2013 and 2012 report.

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