Daily News: September 17, 2014

Gibraltar Completes $9.3MM in Recent Deals

Gibraltar Business Capital recently completed the following deals:

  • Gibraltar designed two deals for companies that needed additional flexibility within their lines of credit. By transitioning these companies from the bank to Gibraltar’s more creative, accommodating lending facilities, the goal was to get these businesses moving again and on their way to years of success ahead.
  • Gibraltar recently assisted a North Carolina-based distributor with a more advantageous way to support its diverse lineup of products and services: oil and gas, hardware, plumbing, masonry and landscaping products. A $1.8 million asset-based revolving line of credit allows the company freedom to find cash flow and continue sales momentum.
  • A New Hampshire-based IT solutions provider serves government and private-industry customers in the advanced field of high-performance networking and infrastructure management. As a value-added reseller of hardware, software licenses and maintenance services, the company fills the important role of assessing, architecting and implementing the technologies, policies and procedures that most effectively protect customers’ sensitive data assets. Gibraltar’s flexible $1.5 million asset-based line of credit allows this IT business to continue to deliver its critical product in the efficient manner that large customers demand.
  • A private equity-owned mail order pharmacy, based in North Carolina, provides home delivery of prescription drugs and medical supplies, primarily to low-income Medicaid and Medicare Part D patients. Given current demand for prescriptions among a large aging population in the U.S., this young, growing company will use a $5 million asset-based revolving line of credit to bolster business and continue to provide an important and convenient service to our communities.
  • A Philadelphia-based cloud service provider was experiencing rapid growth as an Amazon web services authorized reseller and premier partner. Gibraltar’s $1 million factoring line of credit will assist this CSP in servicing new sales while growing business in a more flexible fashion.