Daily News: November 13, 2014

GE Capital Provides Floorplan Financing to Mobility Vehicles Industry

GE Capital, Commercial Distribution Finance (CDF) is working closely with mobility vehicle manufacturers and dealers as the industry experiences unprecedented growth, the company said. The mobility vehicles industry, which provides opportunity for people with disabilities to drive or be transported in vehicles modified with mobility equipment, is growing due to an aging population, an increased number of veterans and more consumer awareness around the need for private and public accessible vehicles.

GE Capital’s CDF business is investing by working with manufacturers to provide inventory financing programs to dealers, developing relationships with trade associations supporting mobility issues and providing an experienced team. Supporting the industry since 2005, CDF currently provides inventory financing to 175 dealers across the country.

“We have grown with the industry, navigating changes to the industry landscape together, and collaborating to meet the unique needs of this important vehicle sector,” said Tim Hyland, president of CDF’s specialty vehicles group. “Our inventory financing portfolio has grown by double digits over the last year, and we expect this growth to continue for the next several years.”