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Daily News: April 22, 2014

GE Antares Agents $66MM Facility Gold Star Foods Acquisition

GE Antares, a unit of GE Capital, announced it is administrative agent on a $66 million senior secured credit facility to support the acquisition of Gold Star Foods by Castle Harlan. GE Capital Markets served as joint lead arranger and joint bookrunner on this facility.

Ontario, CA-based Gold Star Foods is a distributor of food to K-12 schools serving more than 3,500 schools in 380+ districts.

“GE Antares is a long-term partner to Castle Harlan. Their constructive financing structure and ability to move quickly through every stage of the deal process made them an excellent financing partner,” said Bill Pruellage, co-president of Castle Harlan.

“I’m excited to be financing another successful acquisition by Castle Harlan,” said Doug Cannaliato, managing director of GE Antares, “In partnership with management, Castle Harlan will enable Gold Star Foods to continue to grow, and we look forward to helping finance this growth.”

Castle Harlan invests in controlling interests in the buyout and development of middle-market companies worldwide.