Daily News: January 13, 2014

eCapital Unifies Factoring Services Under Single Brand

eCapital announced it unified its diverse invoice factoring services under a single brand. The new brand unites the A/R factoring services of Freight Capital, Oil Capital USA and Staffing Capital.

Now operating as a single strategic entity, eCapital is a nationwide provider of cash-flow though A/R factoring, combining decades of industry-specific expertise into one streamlined, technology-based operation. Uniting as eCapital is the first step in a long-term growth strategy, demonstrating renewed commitment to improving cash-flow for clients through innovation, experience and technology advancements.

Substantial technology investments reinforce eCapital’s evolution and growth strategy, including a recent $2M technology enhancement to its support center and infrastructure systems. Offering a simple, modern approach to factoring, synonymous with a better, more forward-thinking factoring experience, eCapital is designed to help small to medium-sized businesses thrive through a steady flow of cash. The company now encompasses broad factoring expertise in growth industries such as transportation, oilfield, government, staffing, services, manufacturing and general business start-ups.

“Aligning our long-held brands under a single name is essential to continue growth and deliver ideal service in a digital age. Today our technology investments not only improve the factoring experience but also capitalize on the sheer scale of the company to the benefit of all our clients,” said Tracy Groves, director of communications. “eCapital is a stronger, faster, more cohesive entity — grounded in innovation and always reimagining processes and how we can make them better for clients. We’re on a mission to be the strategic partner that delivers on the promise of steady cash -flow, transforming businesses from just getting by to getting ahead.”