Daily News: December 30, 2013

CFP Provides Four Recent SBA Loans

Commercial Funding Partners (CFP) secured a $5 million SBA loan for a West Coast industrial firm as part of larger $14 million plan set forth by the company to improve operations and double their customer capacity.

CFP also provided a $500,000, 24-month working solution for an oilfield services company with 65 sites currently and growth on the horizon; a $250,000, 36-month loan to support a church sound system; and $150,000, 36-month loan for German equipment in the optical processing industry.

“Providing options for these companies had its obstacles but because of our extensive financial network we found a niche with unique promise that fit their business needs succinctly,” said Buddy Zarbock, VP, CFP. “Industry in all forms needs quality funding executed with the utmost precision and that can mold itself into a building block for any business model, and we here at Commercial Funding Partners are proving that every day by our repeated successes.”