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Daily News: February 18, 2015

Capital One Names Wealth/Asset Management Senior Sales Director

Capital One Bank announced the appointment of Tom Covington as senior director of Sales for its Wealth and Asset Management team. In this role, Covington will oversee the sales, business development, and marketing activities for Capital One’s Trust, Wealth Management, Private Banking, and Institutional Investment Management lines of business. Covington will report to executive vice president John Sabino, head of Wealth Management and Private Banking.

“Tom brings a wealth of experience to the table, along with an in-depth understanding of our regional markets and the needs of our clients,” Sabino said. “He joins a best-in-class Wealth and Asset Management team that provides a high level of personal service and tailored investment solutions to our sophisticated client base.”

Covington has more than 30 years of wealth planning and investment management experience, including 18 years with Merrill Lynch, where he served in a series of roles that included senior vice president and Business Unit manager for the Mid-Atlantic and Midwest Regions. For the past nine years, Covington worked at Morgan Stanley and served as National Sales manager for its trust company.