Daily News: August 29, 2013

Bellamar Capital to Provide Americana Group $47MM

The Film Matrix MovieWorks announced that Bellamar Capital committed $47 million to Americana Group USA’s film slate.

Bellamar Capital is providing debt financing via a proprietary structure that involves a credit facility in excess of $100 million at Deutsche Bank and an East Coast-based Asset Management Firm that is a part of a senior secured funding group. HSBC NY is the guarantor of record.

“We are excited to offer this unique funding structure that is a perfect fit for the film industry,” says Jeff Bellamar, Bellamar Capital’s managing partner. “We no longer require the producer to come to us with a rated guarantee. We provide the acceptable collateral and the financing. We can also handle P&A. I don’t know of any firm offering this type of one-stop shop solution for the independent filmmaking community.”

“The film financing landscape has shifted, leaving a huge void for independent filmmakers,” says Americana’s president, EJ Walton. “Bellamar Capital is the first to offer (us) a real-world solution for complete funding and P&A.”

Bellamar Capital is preparing for a $100 million + transaction to accommodate deal flow for Q4 2013.