Daily News: September 10, 2013

AccuVal-LiquiTec Hires New Business Development Manager

David Tepper rejoins AccuVal-LiquiTec as a business development manager, responsible for the Western region of the United States. His primary responsibilities will include helping lending institutions and the private equity community to understand and recognize opportunities and risks associated with lending to and investing in companies in more than 100 industry segments.

With more than 20 years of experience in the valuation, banking and financial management industries, Tepper offers a deep understanding of the secured lending marketplace. Tepper manages various financial, taxation, accounting and economic challenges that affect the valuation of tangible assets, intangible assets, securities, transaction structures and real estate.

“Having previously dedicated three years to AccuVal-LiquiTec, David has already built solid relationships with our customers and knows exactly what they want and need to be successful,” stated Andy Gronik, president and CEO of AccuVal-LiquiTec. “David focuses on working collaboratively with customers, making it easy for them to find the best approach to valuing business assets for an asset-based loan, financial reporting, tax appeal and other everyday business needs. On a personal note, we are thrilled to welcome David back to the AccuVal-LiquiTec family.”

Prior to rejoining AccuVal-LiquiTec, Tepper spearheaded business development of valuation products on the West Coast for one of the world’s largest asset recovery firms serving major corporations and government entities. He has also held various positions in finance, investment management and transaction consulting.

“The combination of David’s experience in asset recovery solutions, his longstanding industry relationships and his history with AccuVal-LiquiTec is invaluable” said Marc Swirsky, president – Liquidation Services of AccuVal-LiquiTec. “David is able to direct customers to the very best investment recovery solutions to maximize ROI. And, he’s hitting the ground running with team leaders whom he already knows are personally involved in, and committed to, the success of every asset management engagement. This makes a big difference to the bottom line.”