April 2018

April 2018
Turnaround Management
Vol. 16, No. 3

Hercules Capital Acquires Gibraltar Business Capital

Hercules Capital purchased Gibraltar Business Capital to enter the ABL market. Cartoonist Jerry Gonzalez shares his take on this mythical matchup.

State Receivership: An Alternative to Bankruptcy

Filing for Chapter 11 protection can be an expensive procedure for borrowers and lenders. Keri Wintle discusses another option, state receivership, which can offer a more frugal avenue to achieve the same goal while offering all parties more privacy and greater flexibility.

March 2018

March 2018
Specialty Lending
Vol. 16, No. 2

January/February 2018

January/February 2018
Vol. 16, No. 1

November/December 2017

September/October 2017
ABL Outlook
Vol. 15, No. 7

Toys ‘R’ Us Files Bankruptcy, JPMorgan-Led Syndicate Provides DIP

JPMorgan agented a $3 billion debtor-in-possession loan for bankrupt retailer Toys “R” Us. Illustrator Jerry Gonzalez depicts the lender as Santa with a generous gift for the ailing toy seller.

The Retail Crisis: Impact on Regional Shopping Malls

As brick-and-mortar retailers scramble to increase their online presence while fending off bankruptcy, regional shopping malls struggle to fill empty spaces and replace anchor stores. Stephen Selbst examines the issues lenders and investors are facing as this iconic part of U.S. life tries to reinvent itself.

Lenders Beware: Potential Red Flags When Financing Franchises

Franchising is becoming a popular option for a wide range of businesses. Franchising provides brand recognition for health clubs, bakeries and, of course, restaurants and fast food outlets. As the business model expands, franchisors often require third-party financing. Leonard Vines and Beata Krakus point out the red flags lenders should watch for before agreeing to finance a franchise.

Preserving Brand Equity in a Turnaround: Six Steps to Preserving a Company’s Reputation

A company’s brand is a powerful if unappreciated asset. During the intense process of turning a company around financially, little thought is given to protecting its brand. Gordon Andrew explains why brand equity matters and provides steps to protect and enhance a brand during a turnaround.