TradeCap Closes $350K PO Facility for Importer of Scooters & Skateboards

TradeCap has closed a $350,000 purchase order facility for a CA-based importer of scooters and skateboards selling to big box retailers in the U.S. and Canada.

TradeCap Closes $1.5MM P/O Facility for Cosmetics Company

TradeCap Partners closed a $1.5 million purchase order funding facility for a Texas cosmetic distributor selling to a national subscription box company.

TradeCap Closes $250K P/O Facility for Toy Company

TradeCap Partners closed a $250,000 purchase order finance facility with a well-known model toy company located in Texas.

TradeCap Provides $500K P/O Facility to Massachusetts Company

TradeCap Partners closed a $500,000 purchase order funding facility for a Massachusetts distributor of cenospheres used in the oil and gas and consumer products industries.

TradeCap Provides Finance Facility for California Clothing Designer

TradeCap Partners closed a production finance facility for a California-based women’s clothing designer.

Filling the Void: TradeCap Partners Offers Middle Market Borrowers a Complete Financial Solution

After working together for almost a decade at King Trade Capital, Bryan Ballowe and Clinton Stanton launched TradeCap Partners in July. The pair spoke to ABF Journal Editor Nadine Bonner and explained how they are working to partner with other lenders to provide lower middle market borrowers with complete financing solutions.

Purchase Order Finance: Keeping the Cash Flowing Along the Supply Chain

There are many pitfalls along the supply chain that impact cash flow, especially when working with overseas suppliers. Bryan Ballowe illustrates ways purchase order finance can help maintain liquidity and provide a structure that supports successful merchandise delivery.

The Growth Predicament — How Purchase Order Financing Can Help Sustain Growth

Since PO funding is transactional and specific to end customer purchase orders, a company is able to access additional capital to sustain incremental growth or seasonal sales even when its balance sheet won’t support additional borrowings from a traditional lender.