Online Services Directory

Showcase your company to decision makers with abfjournal’s premium directory listings.

The Online Services Directory provides advertisers with the opportunity to feature their unique expertise to deliver solutions. Your listing allows for a company logo, hotlink to your website, complete profile, multiple contact information and flexibility to make real-time text or copy changes.

Homepage Featured Partner
Being a Homepage Featured Partner provides additional visibility because of your logo’s positioning on the abfjournal homepage — in close proximity to popular content. The benefit is incremental visitor traffic driven directly to your directory listing page.

Added-Value Feature
Services directory advertisers get the benefit of a complementary index listing in ABF Journal print and digital publications over the duration of their contract — includes company name and website URL (hotlinked in digital edition).


Online Listing Type 1 Year
Standard Directory Listing $950
Homepage Featured Partner Listing $295

All advertising rates are subject to change.

To inquire about abfjournal’s online services directory advertising opportunities and details, please contact:

Susie Angelucci
Sales & Marketing
Phone: 484.459.3016
E-mail: susie [dot] angelucci [at] abfjournal [dot] com