Although purchase order finance is not a new product, many traditional lenders do not realize that it has changed with the times and offers new options. Edward King explains how PO finance companies can partner with lenders to create innovative solutions for borrowers.

King Trade Provides $2MM P/O Facility to Fragrance Business

King Trade Capital completed a $2 million purchase order facility for a fragrance company based in New York.

King Trade Upsizes Telecom Clients PO Facility to $13MM

King Trade Capital expanded a finance relationship with an existing client in the telecom business, increasing its facility to $13 million.

King Trade Provides PO Facility for Children’s Clothing/Toy Firm

King Trade Capital completed a purchase order finance facility for a California based children’s clothing and toy company.

King Trade Provides $8MM Facility to Home Goods Company

King Trade Capital provided a new $8 million trade finance facility to a California-based home goods and party supply company that has a fast-growing relationship with one of the world’s largest online retailers.

King Trade Provides Financing Solutions to New Telecoms Client

King Trade Capital added a new client to its growing business portfolio: a 26-year-old, Florida-based telecommunication supplier run by a seasoned team from the telecom service and distribution business.

King Trade Provides $3MM Trade Finance Facility to Toy Importer

King Trade Capital established a $3 million trade finance facility for a Florida-based company that develops, manufactures, and sells action figures to various large US retailers.

King Trade Provides $5MM Facility for Telecommunications Firm

King Trade Capital completed a $5 million trade finance facility for a telecommunications equipment company with operations throughout the U.S. and Canada.

King Trade Provides $1MM PO Facility for Footwear Brand

King Trade Capital provided a seasonal finance solution to bridge the capital needs of a U.S. brand of footwear.

King Trade Capital Finances Two New Clients for $6.7MM

King Trade Capital financed two new client relationships in November.