Introducing the Inaugural ABFJ 25: Celebrating the Most Innovative Companies in Commercial Finance - Commercial finance is a constantly evolving industry. What worked a decade ago might not be effective today, especially in the midst of a global pandemic that has made accessing liquidity even more important than ever. In good times or bad, the companies that stand out the most in commercial finance (and any other industry) are the ones that constantly think ahead and, well, let’s not hide from it, innovate.

Flexible Funding: Keys to Successful Partnerships Between Senior and Junior Lenders - Senior and junior debt providers frequently work together within a borrower’s capital structure, so a harmonious relationship between the lending parties is the key to a beneficial outcome. Jeri Harman of Avante Capital Partners and Alan Chen and Kate Jenks of Caltius Structured Capital provide a refresher course on the difference between the two types of lending and important considerations to ensure a successful partnership. They also share their thoughts on how the COVID-19 pandemic has shifted the market and the outlook for junior debt providers.

Ready For Anything: How CIT Continues to Evolve in the Asset-Based Lending Industry - CIT is an established name in the asset-based lending industry, but that hasn’t stopped it from continuing to evolve and innovate. In 2020 alone, the bank expanded its ABL division, hired a new ABL team leader and continued to close deals with its CIT Northbridge Credit joint venture, setting itself up for continued success in the marketplace.

All Systems Go: Inside Wingspire Capital’s First Year and Rapid Ascent - Since announcing its entrance into the asset-based lending market less than a year ago, Wingspire Capital has established itself as a competitive player in the industry. David Wisen, John Rosin and Ken Wendler explain how creativity and remaining humble have powered their first-year success and growth plans.

All Sides Covered: Small Cap Strategy Expands LBC Credit Partners’ Reach - LBC Credit Partners has a history of working in the middle market, but by creating two separate yet complementary investment strategies, it has developed an active pipeline in the lower middle market as well. Don Rice of LBC Small Cap explains the origins of the business unit as well as its approach and symbiotic relationship with LBC Credit Partners overall.

Who’s Next?: Marco Financial Breaks the Mold in Trade Finance - If you haven’t heard of Marco Financial yet, you will soon. The “tech-enabled” factoring startup launched in 2020 with its sights set on the SME and trade financing world, specifically in Latin America. The company currently plays on the lower end of the capital spectrum, with most of its initial deal opportunities below $1 million, but with an impressive executive team, a heavy reliance on technology and the financial backing of some heavy hitters in the venture capital space, the company is poised to grow far beyond its current capabilities.


The Next Frontier: ABL for E-Commerce /Direct-to-Consumer Companies - The transition to a more e-commerce-focused economy has been underway for more than two decades. At this point, it is no longer a trend but a permanent (and dominant) piece of the consumer spending landscape. Such a reliance on e-commerce will continue to call for a reimagining of how asset-based lenders provide capital to businesses that sell their goods virtually. In a Q&A for ABF Journal, Derrick Wong of Pacific Premier Bank spoke with Jessica Bates of Dwight Funding about the ins and outs of asset-based lending to e-commerce brands.


From Bad to Worse: Examining the Continuing Struggles of the Energy Industry - The energy industry was in rough shape when 2020 started and the COVID-19 pandemic has only created more difficult terrain. In a Q&A with ABF Journal, Craig Jones, senior director of the energy practice at Alvarez & Marsal, shared his perspective from more than 20 years in the energy industry on the obstacles energy companies are currently facing and how turnaround professionals can address them.


The Nuts and Bolts of a Workout In a Pandemic Environment - Workout activity has reached a fever pitch in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Jeffrey A. Wurst provides important tips, recommendations and considerations for secured lenders looking to execute successful workouts with a growing population of distressed borrowers in the current marketplace.