SHIFTING WINDS: 2019 Year in Review

Tariffs, trade wars and economic uncertainty rippled through 2019. Hugh Larratt-Smith examines current economic trends and speaks to leading ABL lenders about the impact the winds of change are having on the industry.


It is no secret that women-owned businesses often struggle to find working capital. Krista Morgan points out that women’s failure to obtain financing directly correlates to the scarcity of women lenders. She provides a road map to create more diversity in the lending side of the finance business.

WHAT KEEPS ABL LENDERS UP AT NIGHT? Perils Can Lurk Within the Most Common ABL Reporting Tools

ABL lending may seem cut and dried to outsiders, but those on the inside know that even the most carefully designed loans can go awry. Turnaround specialists Robert Riiska and William White explain what could go wrong with the ABL lender toolkit and how to repair it.

ABL CHOOSES A LENDER: Paul Cronin Takes the Helm at Santander’s ABL Division

Santander Bank may not come to the top of mind when people think about ABL transactions. But Paul Cronin, the bank’s new ABL chief, is looking to get the message out that the Spanish based bank is in the market and ready for business.

THE SAN ANDREAS ECONOMY: Protecting Your Business from the Inevitable Earthquake

Thousands of Californian’s persist in living on both sides of the San Andreas fault line, knowing that a major earthquake can send them tumbling into the sea. Jeff Wurst points out that some lenders live the same way — enjoying the current economic boom and ignoring the inevitable downturn on the horizon. His suggestions can help protect businesses when the boom falls.

PAYROLL FUNDING SUPPORTS STAFFING INDUSTRY:Low Unemployment Rates Increases Cost of Hiring

The good news for job seekers is the unemployment rate is at a 49 year low. The bad news for companies is the cost of finding and hiring new employees is skyrocketing. Robinn Mikalic explains how staffing companies benefit from payroll funding, a type of factoring tailored towards the staffing business.


November/December 2019
ABL Outlook
Vol. 17 No. 7


As 2019 winds down, nonbank lenders are already looking ahead, seeking ways to strengthen their position in the coming year. Capital One surveyed industry professionals at the annual ABS East Conference in Miami to get their views of the economic situation. Dave Kucera reports the survey findings and shares their suggestions.

THE BANK ABL CONUNDRUM: Why Do Banks Fail to Sell This Excellent Product?

An increasing number of commercial banks are creating ABL divisions. Yet, as Charlie Perer muses, these divisions are still playing second fiddle to C&I and not receiving referrals from their C&I colleagues, even when ABL might be a more appropriate product and not utilizing it will cause a client to exit. He explains that breaking down the silos between divisions will serve customers more effectively and keep them as clients.


Middle market businesses experience different stages of growth and stagnation from start-up to success. Sometimes there is a need for restructuring to turn a struggling business around. Derrick Wong explains different asset-based loan options that can help a company achieve financial stability, whatever stage it may be in.