Entrepreneurial Leap Pays Dividends Thriving in Global PO after 20 Years - When Edward King founded King Trade Capital in 1993 in response to the need of a friend, he never envisioned achieving nearly $2 billion of capital deployed or becoming one of the most sought-after U.S.-based global purchase order/trade finance companies. But he did it — with integrity, discipline and entrepreneurial instinct.
Funding Naadam Cashmere: One Step Closer to Achieving a Vision - Alternative forms of financing such as A/R factoring are flexible enough to focus on a company’s future potential and growth, as well as its history. Leigh Lones, CEO of Bibby Financial Services, recounts how Bibby crossed paths with Naadam Cashmere and why the factor took a chance on financing a unique and socially conscious business.
Managing Debtors South of the Border Protecting Your Investments in Mexico - Robyn Barrett, founder of FSW Funding, says stereotypes about Mexico may deter some lenders from extending credit into the country — a potential missed opportunity. She stresses that every country presents its own set of risks and challenges, and a proactive approach can temper risks and ensure a favorable outcome.
Restructurings in Land Drilling Evaluating Fracking Suppliers & Providers - Evidence shows onshore drilling activity in the U.S. is not sustainable, given the current state of oil prices and issues facing producers. Joseph R. D’Angelo, partner at Carl Marks Advisors, looks at restructuring issues facing fracking suppliers and providers, and advises steps to take when ABLs are hit with vulnerable credits.


Santander’s Key Weapon for Growth — Spada Tackles the ABL Market - As Albert Spada, managing director/head of ABL for Santander, readies to take on the ABL market, he reflects on the decisions in his past that led him to where he is, the road to leadership and his plans for 2015.



Distressed Middle Market Investing: Making Inroads in a Crowded Space - Executive Sounding Board Associates Director Michael Dervis says investors new to the middle market distressed segment should educate themselves on the challenges as well as unique opportunities inherent in this unique sector before taking the plunge.


Lending to Restaurants Pitfalls in Perfecting Security Interests - Lenders have historically shied away from lending to restaurants for a variety of reasons, with the high restaurant failure rate ranking top among concerns. But as the restaurant industry is poised to experience its fifth consecutive year of growth, lenders should consider adding restaurants to their portfolios. Anderson Kill Attorney Inez M. Markovich discusses four potential pitfalls that jeopardize the priority of a lender's security interest in a restaurant's assets.


Lending to Importers — Avoiding U.S. Custom Seizures - Mitchell Silberberg Attorney Susan Kohn Ross says that financing imported goods bearing trademarks or logos can be a procedural minefield. She assures that potential seizures and penalties are avoidable with an effective due diligence program.


FinalCut: Ex-BofA SVP Admits to $6.4MM Fraud - ABF Journal illustrator Jerry Gonzalez provides his take on the FBI announcement that a former SVP at Bank of America in Las Vegas pleaded guilty to misapplication of bank funds in a scheme leading to more than $6.4 million in losses to BOA on two business loans.