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Q3 2022 | Vol. 20, No. 3

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How Supply Chain Finance Can Enhance ESG Initiatives

In part two of a series on improving corporate social responsibility, Brittany Hooper of LSQ shifts the focus to environmental, social and governance initiatives in the supply chain and how working capital solutions like supply chain finance can provide benefits for all stakeholders.... read more

A New Ballgame: Negotiating Financial Covenants In An Uncertain Environment

Lending in 2022 presents a new host of challenges for financing providers of all types. Inez M. Markovich and Howard Brod Brownstein break down how lenders and borrowers will need to adjust their expectations and requirements.... read more

Effective Lien Management Critical To Creating Bulletproof Risk Appetite Statement

In the first half of a two-part series, Suzanne Konstance of Wolters Kluwer Compliance Solutions explains how lenders can improve their risk management processes and portfolio performance by effectively managing liens.... read more

Helping Businesses Deal with Rising Interest Rates, Cash Flow Needs and Covenant Compliance

Businesses are dealing with a cavalcade of challenges in 2022, not least of all being rising interest rates and inflation. Juanita Schwartzkopf of Focus Management Group provides detailed guidance on how to help borrowers deal with increasing operating expenses and the rising rate environment.... read more

Playing the Long Game: Natalie Ramsey’s Legendary Career in Bankruptcy Law

Over a more than 35-year career in bankruptcy law, Natalie Ramsey has helped shape the discipline, working on prominent cases and sharpening her own skill set en route to becoming partner and co-chair of the bankruptcy and reorganizations group at Robinson+Cole.... read more

Present at the Inception: Brownstein Leads the Evolution of the Turnaround Industry

Howard Brownstein, president and CEO of the Brownstein Corporation, has had a legendary career in the turnaround management and asset-based lending industries. He recollects his professional saga as a turnaround and crisis management professional and the evolution of a continuously vibrant profession.... read more

Personal Impact: Courtney Jeans Takes Pride in Helping Clients Succeed

Courtney Jeans, who took over as head of Regions Business Capital earlier this year, has held many roles in the asset-based lending industry over the last two decades, but closing deals to help clients accomplish objectives has always been his passion.... read more

Thrill of the Hunt: Mark Forti’s Career-Long Passion for ABL

Mark Forti knew he wanted to be in asset-based lending before it became a multi-billion-dollar industry. Now head of originations at Callodine Commercial Finance, Forti is still passionate about the “hunt” of the deal.... read more

Foreground to Forefront: Tree Buckingham’s Adventures in Asset-Based Lending

Tree Buckingham has been a pioneer in the asset-based lending space for 30 years. Always eager to learn more, take on new roles and explore advancing technology, Buckingham is already on to her next great endeavor with Mountain Ridge Capital.... read more

Passion is Contagious: Marty Battaglia’s Pioneering Career in Asset-Based Lending

Marty Battaglia may be in what he calls the “twilight of his career,” but what a career it has been. Currently focusing on strategic planning for Eclipse Business Capital, Battaglia has spent 40 years building asset-based lending groups.... read more

Take to the Clouds: Kristin Maxwell Brings Positive Disruption to Secured Lending

A natural at identifying hidden potential, Kristin Maxell is a positive disruptor who believes change fuels innovation, solves challenges and helps organizations retain a competitive edge.... read more

Ahead of the Curve: Charles Sheppard Takes Alternate Route Through Mainstream

Technology’s ability to simplify and consolidate products has always fascinated Charles Sheppard, chief product officer and chief operating officer at eCapital, and that fascination has fueled his desire to simplify processes to lower costs for customers and partners.... read more

Staying Fresh: Trishaala Ninan Brings New Perspective to the Factoring Industry

Trishaala Ninan, marketing director of REV Capital, may still be relatively new to the factoring industry, but she’s already accomplished a great deal, including a full-scale rebrand. As she continues to advance in her career within the sector, there’s no telling what she’ll do next.... read more

‘It’s Why I’m Here’: Ryan Gross is Leading the Turnaround Industry’s Next Generation

As the president of the NextGen board for the Turnaround Management Association, Ryan Gross has already established himself not only in the turnaround field, but also as someone who will help lead the industry into the future.... read more

Does §503(B)(9) Of The Bankruptcy Code Apply To Hybrid Goods/Services Transactions?

Eric Chafetz and Lindsay Sklar of Lowenstein Sandler examine the decision in In re Sklar Expl. Co., LLC, a case which dealt with Section 503(b)(9) of Chapter 11 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code and how it relates to trade creditors that supply both goods and services to financially distressed customers.... read more

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