JPalmer Collective, an asset-based lending company, appointed Gerald Joseph, founder of Gerber Finance, chairman of the company’s advisory board. Joseph brings more than 27 years of experience and a wealth of knowledge to the role.

Throughout his career, Joseph has demonstrated an exceptional ability to identify and seize opportunities. This resulted in significant growth and success for Gerber Finance, the company he founded and ran before turning over the reins in 2020 to Jennifer Palmer, who is now founder and CEO of JPalmer Collective.

As the chairman of the advisory board for JPalmer Collective, Joseph will work closely with the executive team to foster innovation and cultivate business prospects. His extensive expertise and valuable insights will help shape JPalmer’s strategic direction, ensuring exceptional value to its clients and propelling overall growth.

“Gerald has been an incredible mentor to me throughout my career, not to mention one of the smartest people I know,” Jennifer Palmer, founder and CEO at JPalmer Collective, said. “The way he built Gerber Finance and redefined ABL, while consistently supporting women leaders and proffering incredibly impactful advice to those around him is a huge inspiration. I wouldn’t be where I am today without him, and I am so grateful to work with him again.”

“I built my business on gut instincts and knew Jenn would be successful the instant I met her,” Joseph said. “I have been lucky to watch her become a strong, talented leader who rises to every challenge, and I know JPalmer Collective will be a premiere ABL company.  This is an exciting opportunity to collaborate with a talented team and contribute to the growth and success of the company.”

Earlier this year, Palmer teamed up with Melissa Fleishman, another former Gerber Finance and eCapital executive, to launch JPalmer Collective, an asset-based lender with a clear focus on providing financing to women-owned businesses and supporting sustainability.