Connor, Clark & Lunn Financial and MidStar Capital are partnering to provide investors with access to directly originated Canadian private loans.

Founded in 2016 by a team of experienced leveraged-finance professionals, MidStar Capital lends to Canadian mid-market companies to support acquisitions, provide growth capital, refinance existing loans, facilitate succession planning and finance other strategic initiatives.

“Financial regulations have made it harder for traditional lenders to offer highly structured loans; consequently, there is increasing demand for non-bank lenders such as MidStar Capital,” said CC&L Financial Co-CEO Warren Stoddart. “One of the key attractions to us in partnering with MidStar Capital is that the team worked together for over 10 years at GE Capital where they originated $15 billion in loans to companies across Canada. That type of loan origination and credit evaluation experience is invaluable.”

Tanya Taggart, managing director of MidStar Capital said, “Private loans are a globally well-established asset class, yet Canadian investors have had limited opportunities to participate in them. We are excited to partner with CC&L Financial Group to make our private lending expertise available to Canadian investors. Our initial focus will be on senior loans to mid-market companies, a market segment that we think offers particularly attractive risk-adjusted returns.”

CC&L Financial Group is a global multi-boutique asset management company that provides a broad range of investment products and services to institutional, high-net-worth and retail investors.

Part of CC&L Financial Group, MidStar Capital originates, underwrites and manages secured loans to Canadian mid-market companies operating in a wide variety of industries.