Photonic Capital secured a $100 million debt facility from Bright Light Capital I, an SPV funded and administered by Capstone Capital Group.

This debt facility will be used to support the expansion of Photonic Capital’s shared savings program for commercial and industrial clients that seek to replace conventional lights with LED lights. The Photonic Capital shared savings program reduces its clients’ lighting electricity usage by 50% to 80% from current levels.

“We evaluated the potential of shared savings programs with real estate owners and believe there is great potential for this innovative form of financing,” said Joseph Ingrassia, CEO of Capstone Capital Group. “We have high confidence that Photonic Capital can fully utilize our debt facility as it expands nationally and develops its reputation as the leading shared savings program for LED lighting solutions.”

Photonic Capital, together with its technology and specialized manufacturing division Photonic Laboratories, provides lighting solutions to commercial and industrial clients.