RetailCapital, an emerging Fintech small business lending platform, announced its re-brand as Credibly, along with the establishment of a credit facility with three participating banks — AloStar Bank of Commerce, WebBank and CapitalSource, a division of Pacific Western Bank. This facilitates Credibly’s launch of a small business loan, enabling the company to further fulfill its mission to provide a full range of lending solutions and capital to small and medium-sized businesses, regardless of where they are situated on the credit spectrum and business life cycle.

Through serving thousands of small and medium-sized businesses in the United States, the 88-person growth-stage company founded in 2010 has doubled in revenue and originations each year. In August 2014, to accelerate growth, the company received a significant equity commitment from Flexpoint Ford, the Chicago-based private equity investment firm with $1.5 billion under management.

The Small Business Loan was made by WebBank, a Utah-based industrial bank who has partnered with Credibly, while the joint AloStar Bank of Commerce, WebBank and CapitalSource credit facility provides significantly increased capacity for Credibly to lend to businesses throughout the U.S. This on-balance sheet capacity complements Credibly’s marketplace whole loan sale program.

“The RetailCapital brand, along with our financial partnerships, established the foundation of our company and facilitated our expansion during the first few years in business. As our operation continues to grow, so too does our vision and promise to our customers,” said Glenn Goldman, CEO of Credibly. “Today is an incredibly exciting day for our company and our customers. As Credibly, we’ll continue to serve as a partner to our customers, while providing access to increased funding options, through a simple and intuitive experience across all of our channels.”

Along with the newly minted name, Credibly launched its new digital presence, Recognizing that many business owners are often on the go, the site is optimized for mobile devices. Additionally, the company released, an education resource to help owners and operators grow and scale at every stage of their business.

As part of an expanding suite of lending products, the new Credibly Small Business Loan provides capital for businesses to grow, while delivering the flexibility and choice of daily, weekly or monthly payments. The Small Business Loan is the newest product available through Credibly, developed using the application of dynamic design, which optimizes for features such as amount, duration, drawdown frequency and payback frequency. These features are specifically designed with the growth objectives of Credibly’s customers in mind and their ability to lower their cost of capital over time.

“Most platforms offer one product aimed at a narrow slice of the market. At Credibly, we are taking a holistic view and believe that every business has the right to capital, continued Goldman. The launch of the Small Business Loan serves as just the initial proof point of our dedication to delivering right-sized capital, through a robust set of credit products, that small businesses need throughout their life cycle. It’s because of these bank relationships that we can say ‘yes’ more often to a wider variety of businesses so that new ideas and innovation can flourish in small business America.

Credibly (fdba “RetailCapital”) is an emerging Fintech platform that leverages data science and analytics to improve the speed, cost and choice of capital available to all small businesses — when, where and how they choose to access it. The company, with offices in New York, Michigan, Arizona and Massachusetts, is dedicated to creating a better user experience that includes satisfying the needs of all small and medium-sized businesses throughout their life cycle, regardless of product need or credit profile.