Alex Pilipenka
REV Capital

HQ: Woodbridge, ON

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REV Capital is a leading provider of factoring and cash flow financing in North America. By offering dedicated support and transparent access to the invoice factoring process, the company helps clients grow their operations and become industry leaders.

REV Capital strives to reimagine the future of cash flow with a refocused mission statement: to reinvent factoring. At its core, REV Capital operates under a set of six dynamic guiding principles to help achieve this goal: question everything, set industry standards, promote education, invest in new technology, reach new markets and frictionless funding.

REV Capital places a strong emphasis on knowledge and financial literacy, actively promoting education among both clients and team members. Internally, REV Capital runs various initiatives to foster a culture of learning and growth. The company’s “Customer Success Complaint Plan” exemplifies REV Capital’s commitment to listening, learning and leveraging customer feedback to refine services continuously. Externally, REV Capital provides a quarterly client newsletter with important company updates and features a “Finance For You” column that dives into various financial topics, empowering clients to make informed financial decisions.

Broadening its sphere of influence, the company has also expanded with two new subsidiaries: REV Tech and REV Prepaid. REV Tech is a central hub to democratize the transportation sector’s access to resources, while REV Prepaid serves to streamline businesses by offering a suite of capital management tools designed to enhance operational efficiency. As part of its expansion plan, REV Capital has added three new offices across the United States, supporting financial growth in underserved markets.

REV Capital is committed to making funding as straightforward and smooth as possible. The company’s recent upgrade of its client web portal and mobile app is a testament to this pursuit, offering clients a user-friendly platform to monitor their funding effortlessly. By championing these values and constantly refining its innovative strategies, REV Capital doesn’t just adapt to change — it instigates it.

“REV Capital’s commitment to innovation is rooted in our core principles: radical transparency, absolute flexibility and exceptional service. We are constantly enhancing our clients’ experiences to drive their long-term success.”