Swinda Salazar-Piquemal
Head of Alliances

HQ: New York

646-494-9457 •

In the wake of uncertainty among large- and medium-sized lenders, Raistone is expanding the availability of trade finance solutions to companies in need of financing.

Over the last year, Raistone has entered into discussions with 11 new platform partners. These relationships, along with existing partnerships, have expanded the availability of trade finance solutions to companies that desperately need access to alternative financial tools in the wake of uncertainty among major banks. All of this is made possible through Raistone’s technology, which allows products such as supply chain finance, accounts receivable finance, flex pay and virtual cards to be quickly extended to users of the company’s platform partners.

In addition, Raistone also offers embedded finance tools in partnership with enterprise software firms. For example, in the past year, NetSuite has opted to broaden its relationship with Raistone and make its solutions more tightly integrated into the NetSuite platform. Once the program is live, Raistone will be the exclusive partner for the NetSuite embedded working capital finance tool.

Raistone’s technical know-how is complemented by an executive team boasting decades of experience in structured trade finance. With Raistone’s expertise in both finance and technology, middle- market businesses are now able to tap into a reliable source of business funding using tools that were previously only available to the largest corporations.

In response to ongoing stressors in the banking world, companies of all shapes and sizes have an opportunity to diversify their cash flow and ensure they aren’t adversely affected by a tightening lending market. Raistone’s non-debt financial solutions are available with quick and easy onboarding through a broad network of embedded finance and platform partners, expanding the availability of a cutting- edge approach to cash flow management.

“By bringing our innovative fintech solutions to our broad network of partners, Raistone is able to extend much-needed capital to their clients, ensuring our partners’ value-add to their users and growth firms can thrive without waiting on the banking sector to stabilize.”