Paul Puryear
Chief Risk Officer
InterNex Capital

HQ: Harrison, NY

Fostering an environment of innovation and collaboration, InterNex Capital’s goal is to redefine the small and medium-sized business lending landscape. InterNex Capital drives innovation through its unwavering commitment to cutting-edge technology.

With a relentless focus on leveraging cutting-edge technologies, InterNex Capital has continued to redefine the small to medium-sized business (SMB) lending landscape. Building on its success in automated decisioning of term loans, the company has applied its expertise to spot B2B invoice purchases by seamlessly integrating machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies to fine-tune its credit algorithms to assess transactions in real time. This innovation in credit score modeling has given the company the ability to empower small and medium-sized enterprises to provide trade credit to customers without additional risk at the point of sale.

InterNex also recently migrated to an advanced cloud infrastructure, propelling its already cloud-based systems, such as its Velocity platform, to new heights. By harnessing the scalability, security and adaptability of cloud computing, InterNex seamlessly manages growing transaction volumes while delivering an unparalleled user experience.

InterNex’s collaborations and partnerships with key players in the financial technology landscape enables the company to combine its deep secured finance expertise with the innovative technologies and market access of its collaborators. By fostering knowledge-sharing and cross-pollination of ideas, InterNex ensures its clients benefit from the most advanced working capital solutions available.

The company’s unwavering commitment to continuous product development is central to its culture of innovation. InterNex engages closely with its clients, gaining valuable insights into their pain points and tailoring solutions to address them effectively. By actively incorporating feedback from SMBs and industry experts, InterNex iteratively enhances its financing solutions. This dynamic approach ensures that InterNex remains agile and responsive while catering to the unique needs of its clients and pushing the boundaries of specialty finance. Extending beyond its products, InterNex is committed to providing thought leadership that drives positive change across the specialty finance landscape.

“Prior to joining InterNex, I used to dream about having macro and micro information regarding my customers at my fingertips. Now, it is a reality.”