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Innovation has long been central to Apollo’s growth strategy and ability to generate excess return across the risk-reward spectrum for its clients, and its newly established asset-backed finance franchise is positioning it to capitalize on a more than $20 trillion market opportunity.

Over the last 12 months, Apollo has made significant strides to position the company as an innovator driving the continued evolution of private credit and has invested significantly in its ability to create differentiated access to asset-backed finance opportunities for its own balance sheets and third-party clients.

In February, Apollo announced the launch of ATLAS SP Partners, a new standalone securitized credit origination platform which helps specialty finance companies, financial sponsors, corporate businesses, REITs and a variety of other clients access structured financing and portfolio solutions. With a team of more than 200 people and 300 clients and relationships, ATLAS SP further augments Apollo’s origination ecosystem’s capacity to originate asset-backed products and adds to the firm’s flexible offerings to borrowers through strategic warehousing.

In July 2022, Apollo originated and provided an innovative €500 million ($535.73 million) asset-backed capital solution for Air France, secured by a pool of spare engines dedicated to the airline’s engineering and maintenance activities. Then, in December, Apollo structured and anchored a $1.8 billion asset-backed securitization for Concord, which was the largest music ABS in history at time of issuance, according to the company. More recently, in April, Apollo agreed to invest €1 billion ($1.07 billion) in a portfolio of real estate assets controlled by Vonovia to support the company’s capital allocation plans.

Apollo, through its retirement services platform Athene, is also committed to supporting retirees by providing a wide range of retirement services that help people generate retirement income and savings.

Through the flexibility and breadth of Apollo’s integrated platform, the company is working to drive a more sustainable future by supporting the clean energy transition and decarbonization of the industries it serves, expanding opportunity within the alternatives industry, building and financing stronger businesses and driving impact at scale within the communities in which the firm operates.

“Apollo’s commitment to innovation has helped us build an industry leading, more than $400 billion credit platform. In the last year, we are proud to have led scaled, flexible asset-backed solutions for leading businesses.”