Daily News: March 5, 2013

Triumph Bancorp Launches Triumph Capital Advisors

Triumph Bancorp said it has launched Triumph Capital Advisors, a credit-focused investment management firm with an emphasis on investing in senior secured bank loans. The initial strategy for growth will focus on collateralized loan obligation (CLO) issuance and separate accounts.

Triumph Capital Advisors will be led by an investment management team, which includes Triumph’s executive vice president Davis Deadman, who will serve as senior managing director; Gibran Mahmud, who will serve as senior managing director and chief investment officer; and Kurt Plumer, who will serve as managing director, portfolio manager. Aaron P. Graft, chief executive officer of Triumph Bancorp, will serve as chairman.

“We are excited about the launch of Triumph Capital Advisors and its ability to bring creative and attractive investment opportunities to our clients and investors,” said Graft. “I have been familiar with this space for several years and have been waiting for the right entry point. Given the market conditions and the experienced team we have assembled, we are now ready to launch. This is an important business in the evolution of Triumph into a diversified financial services company.”

“I am very excited about the opportunity to join the Triumph group of companies,” said Plumer. “The strong leadership team, its entrepreneurial nature and the integrity of the organization as a whole drew me to Triumph.”

“I am confident that the Triumph Capital Advisors platform will be immensely successful and rewarding for our investors,” said Mahmud. “As we endeavor to strengthen our team by attracting top tier talent, we will work diligently to expand on opportunities in Triumph’s current lines of business and to broaden the existing investing platform with opportunities in the marketplace.”