Daily News: August 29, 2016

PwC: Companies Better at Reading, Responding to Opportunities Will Grow

According to a recent survey conducted by PwC, U.S. CEOs believe growth will flow to companies that are both better at reading the dangers and faster in responding to opportunities.

PwC noted running a global business is poised to become even more complex during 2016. Last year, CEOs were concerned about increasing regulation, the rapid development of technology and its potential to disrupt, and whether they could attract the talent they need to continue to grow. While those concerns have not significantly abated, new concerns have arisen, PwC said.

PwC said in 2016, U.S. CEOs recognize that trade, economic models, and regulatory frameworks are splintering increasingly along regional or national lines. More than their peers globally, U.S. CEOs see a threat to the open Internet that many businesses rely on. They worry about harnessing technology needed to unlock the possibilities presented by the increasing data available while safeguarding that data and other assets.