Daily News: March 19, 2013

HIC Financial Launches M&A Advisory

HIC Financial said it will offer Merger & Acquisition Advisory, focusing on assisting entrepreneurs acquire businesses with no money down regardless of credit or experience. Company officials are expected to meet with community leaders later this month to discuss how local entrepreneurs can satisfy the domestic consumption of the community, create jobs and inspire reinvestment in the community.

HIC officials said they believe that entrepreneurship is the key to upward mobility in low and moderate-income communities and will assist entrepreneurs with gaining access to capital both Human Capital and Financial Capital.

HIC said the launch of its M&A Advisory will be a first to have an emphasis on providing leverage buyout solutions to low- and moderate-income entrepreneurs. HIC will focus its practice on educating entrepreneurs on how to structure their firms to be fundable; the different ways to access capital; and show entrepreneurs where the money can be found.