Daily News: February 27, 2015

CapX Partners Reaches $100MM in 2014

CapX Partners announced its most successful year, closing $100 million in new commitments by the close of its 2014 fiscal year.

Financings included, among others: a $12 million venture loan to clean energy battery manufacturer Aquion Energy, a $10 million lease to Digital Ocean and $5.5 million in growth capital to support an organic lawn and garden product business.

CapX has completed more than 200 transactions since its start in 1999. It has raised four funds and has partnered with over 60 private equity firms.

“CapX found equal opportunities to deploy its capital in to both growth and liquidity need businesses in 2014,” stated Jeffry Pfeffer, managing partner. “We have been very pleased with the overall health of middle market business. While 2014 was a banner year for new asset generations, we aim to help more U.S. small to mid-sized companies and deploy the remainder of our current fund in 2015.”