Daily News: November 8, 2017

Liquid Capital Provides Factoring Facility for Air Oasis

Liquid Capital provided an A/R factoring facility for Air Oasis, a Florida-based HVAC installation company.

Air Oasis had been working toward adding commercial business to complement its residential clientele. The company landed installation contracts with Marriott International. The plan was for Marriott to use a third-party engineering firm to design and order the upgraded air systems for specific hotel properties such as Marriott Courtyard at Mayo Jacksonville. Once the new equipment arrived at the hotel site, Air Oasis would install it over a one to two-week period.

With work in place, Air Oasis was looking for a line of credit to ensure it could meet its client’s needs as well as its own payroll and other working capital requirements. Although the company’s bank was unable to underwrite the funding, it referred Air Oasis to Liquid Capital.

An accounts receivable factoring solution met the company’s needs.