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RG Barber Consultants, CPAs

3620 Walnut Hills Ave
Cleveland, OH 44122

Phone: 216-226-8203
Fax: 216-226-7903

Contact Information

Ronald Barber
216-226-8203 x101
[email protected]


In Business Since: 1991

Trade Associations: AICPA, Certified Fraud Examiners, Certified Forensic Examiners, Ohio Society of CPA's

Type of Business: Field Examinations

RG Barber Consultants, CPA’s specialize in providing objective and insightful collateral evaluations and analyses for lending institutions. In addition to collateral valuation, we provide a wide range of other services including credit underwriting, monitoring, workout and bankruptcy services and litigation support. RG Barber currently employees more than 20 full time asset based lending field examiners.

Our firm consists of highly skilled and successful CPA’s and MBA’s who possess a unique blend of banking, finance and public accounting experience. The field examiners in our firm have in excess of 200 years of collateral evaluation experience between them, along with additional audit experience in public accounting. We understand the lender’s perspective and will provide you with a meaningful and comprehensive product that addresses your unique credit situations.

All of our asset based lending field examiners have extensive experience with various computer applications and financial institution audit programs. We utilize state of the art laptop computers when in the field, also utilizing the internet for a quicker and more efficient review process. We have developed an exceptional asset based lending program over the years. Our exam format utilizes both the Excel and Word programs. We also utilize the audit programs of many lending institutions. All of our people are proficient in Excel, Word, lotus 123 and other applications.

Since early 1991, our firm has performed field exams in nearly every industry and throughout the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia. Examinations have ranged in size from small, privately held concerns to large, multinational corporations. We have also been engaged to perform field examinations in less typical asset based arenas such as Medicare billing, factored accounts receivable and inventory, floor planning, farming cooperatives and others.