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FinSoft, LLC

5409 Jerseybelle Court
Ellicott City, MD 21043

Phone: 410-747-7994

Contact Information

Joseph R. Caplan, CPA
Managing Director


In Business Since: 1996

Type of Business: Software

FinSoft, LLC is a software engineering and consulting company that specializes in Asset Based Lending and commercial finance software applications and data processing for audit, data analysis factoring and accounting analysis. Our products are constantly updated with new features that are specific to the asset based lending market. Our support is becoming legendary and we free your organization from the expensive IT needs associated with homegrown solutions, while providing constant enhancements to state-of-the-art products.

Products include:

AssetReader data analysis software package is a better idea, targeted for Aging Ineligibles, Sales, Cash and G/L Journal analysis. The AssetReader aging analysis calculates asset based lending ineligible numbers for field examinations and back office support. For aging ineligibles, this is the easiest to use and most powerful aging software product available. Supports text files, delimited files, Excel files and more; with exports to popular formats and back office support programs. Reports can be combined and years of monthly data can be analyzed from a single import. AssetReader allows data from all other parsing tools to be imported quickly, freeing users from the tech-savvy and time wasting needs of programming while retaining your existing parsing solutions. Real ABL point-and-click options make this the better idea for aging analysis and the fastest sales and cash journal analysis on the planet.

AssetWriter field examination software is the most complete ABL field examination package available. Offering unlimited divisions, multiple user consolidations, detailed analysis and integrated report writing abilities, AssetWriter provides complete and fast report preparation. The database powers the report writer with detailed analysis that is typically reserved for only senior examiners. The data driven application allows software changes to be made, exam scopes to be specified and reports to be generated without rekeying data when software changes are made. Since 1996 our users have never had to rekey data and our analysis has spotted dozens of frauds and hundreds of declining conditions.

AssetArchive software combines ongoing data analytics and business intelligence to “find the needle in the haystack of data.” The integrated data, analytics and optional confirmation abilities make AssetArchive the most intelligent risk monitoring and confirmation tool in the ABL business. Achieve near-factoring level monitoring without the labor and office space costs. AssetArchive allows AssetReader imports to be accumulated and compared over time with analytics that can highlight a wide range of possible issues for an ABL loan. Reduce fraud and willful misconduct through data intelligence. Optional module for confirmations uses business intelligence from AssetArchive data for best-in-class confirmations by e-mail, fax, phone and postal mail. Confirmation module also includes tracking, customer list maintenance, reports and archiving.

Data Analysis and Support of electronic files to improve back office support and speed field examination time. These asset based lending services includes electronic analysis of any file format, conversion of unusual date formats and end-user reports on a spot or recurring basis. We can even convert PDF files. Analysis includes setups, detailed AR aging analysis and ineligibles, confirmation items, sales and cash journals, inventory reports, inventory movement analysis and audit report sampling. We support AssetReader users with emergency file processing for when employees leave or become ill. Expert level Asset Based Lending, analysis from owners that never leave.