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Q3 2023 | Vol. 21, No. 3

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Are We Entering a Lenders’ Market? Identifying Themes in Non-Bank ABL

A new environment with higher interest rates, fewer stimulus packages and a refocus on deposits may mean that we are entering a lenders’ market. Derrick Wong of Eagle Pointe Capital spoke with representatives from FGI Finance to get the perspective from the non-bank lender side.... read more

Better Together: Mitsubishi HC Capital America Aims to Be a More Complete Financing Provider

Through the integration of three Mitsubishi HC Capital businesses in the U.S., Mitsubishi HC Capital America has transformed into a $7.5 billion non-bank commercial finance company that seeks to create a more seamless financing experience for borrowers.... read more

ABF Journal’s 2023 Turnaround Management Directory

ABF Journal is proud to once again provide its annual turnaround management directory, highlighting some of the top turnaround teams in the industry so struggling businesses (and their lenders) can get the support they need.... read more

Changing Patterns: Why Alternative Financing Has Become More Attractive to Middle-Market Borrowers

More middle-market borrowers are seeking alternative forms of financing as traditional lenders apply greater scrutiny to their portfolios amidst increasing regulation, opening up opportunities for non-bank asset-based lenders. Robert Lau of Carl Marks Advisors provides important context around this trend and how it will influence the market in the short and long term.... read more

Working Together: How Non-Bank Financing Providers Can Capitalize on Credit Retrenchment from Banks

Pulling inspiration from an unlikely source, Bryan Ballowe of TradeCap Partners explains how forming relationships with other financing providers will help non-bank lenders create a competitive advantage.... read more

Playing Workout Poker: When Loan Syndicate Agents and Private Equity Groups Call the Bluff of Lenders

Against a backdrop of mounting economic challenges, syndicated lending and private equity financing are becoming high stakes bluffing games. Hugh Larratt-Smith of Trimingham Inc. explores this phenomenon and how lenders can make the right calls to protect their positions.... read more

Dodging Disruption: How Economic Fluctuations are Impacting Turnaround & Restructuring Activity

Businesses of all sizes have faced mounting pressure this year, whether due to tightened lending standards or continually increasing interest rates. Representatives from several turnaround management firms spoke with ABF Journal to explore the factors driving restructuring activity in 2023 and beyond.... read more

Building a Legacy: Stewart Hayes is Your Lender’s Favorite Lender

With nearly 30 years of experience in asset-based lending, Stewart Hayes has enjoyed a rich history of helping to build Wells Fargo’s lender finance unit and financing companies that have flourished in the industry. He shared his significant career experience and outlook on the industry with ABF Journal.... read more

An ABL Architect: Tom Otte is Still Growing Businesses in Asset-Based Lending

Tom Otte has spent his more than 40-year career in asset-based lending building highly successful businesses in the U.S. and internationally, and he’s still going full speed ahead today.... read more

Everything is Achievable: Alex Pilipenka’s Approach to Attaining ABL Success

In his years navigating the asset-based lending space, Alex Pilipenka’s confidence in achieving the impossible and utilizing a people-first philosophy has propelled his teams to impressive heights. ... read more

Building an Industry: Jennifer Sheasgreen is a Pioneer of Healthcare ABL

The healthcare asset-based lending sector owes a great deal of thanks to Jennifer Sheasgreen for the role she has played in expanding what was once a niche product into a more mainstream lending solution.... read more

Finding the Strike Zone: Jim Clifton Maximizes Value as a Dealmaker

Jim Clifton’s success in winning and closing deals in the asset-based lending space is built on a strong foundation of industry knowledge as well as an unceasing focus on quality over quantity.... read more

Winning Time: Paul Schuldiner Brings a Consultative Approach to Business Development

As one of the most prolific dealmakers in the asset-based lending industry over the last 30 years, Paul Schuldiner of Rosenthal & Rosenthal plays the long game, eschewing quick fixes in favor of solutions that truly address client needs.... read more

A World of Experience: Lin Chua’s Commitment to Value in All Spaces

The building blocks of Lin Chua’s career landed perfectly for her to enter the secured commercial lending space with an innovative business focused on advancements in technology, data analytics and artificial intelligence.... read more

Not Going Anywhere: Rick Edwards Brings a Unique Approach to Retail Asset Disposition

Gordon Brothers has been Rick Edwards’ professional home for his entire 30-year career, but even though his employer hasn’t changed, Edwards has driven tremendous evolution in the retail asset disposition and valuation space.... read more

Driving Forward: Sarah Henry is Drawing Her Own Roadmap to Success

Sarah Henry values networking, innovation and keeping an open mind when approaching underwriting. Helping create processes that improve efficiency within Mitsubishi HC Capital America, Henry believes harnessing emerging technology is asset-based lending’s future.... read more

Getting Involved: Kathleen Parker is Already Leaving Her Mark

Before even reaching the second decade of her career, Kathleen Parker has helped fuel the growth of two successful divisions within asset management services company HyperAMS. What will she achieve next?... read more

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