2023 Top Women in ABL + Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Issue

Q1 2023 | Vol. 21, No. 1

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2023 Top Women in Asset-Based Lending

Thanks in part to an overwhelming number of nominations from our audience, ABF Journal’s third annual Top Women in Asset-Based Lending feature includes profiles with nearly 50 of the most prominent women from across the industry.... read more

Compounding Effects: How Language Plays a Key Role In Creating Inclusive Workplaces

Organizational psychologist and diversity, equity and inclusion expert Ella F. Washington explains how company leaders can create more equitable environments and limit turnover by focusing on inclusive workplace language, decision-making and feedback.... read more

Embracing Identity Is the Key To Successfully Creating an Inclusive Workplace

Many people, especially women and people of color, can find it difficult to truly be themselves at work. Tricia Montalvo Timm, a first-generation Latina and board member of Salsify, discusses the challenges of embracing your own identity and what employers can do to eliminate barriers and fully support employees exactly as they are.... read more

Send Wires, Make Hires: Creating A More Equitable and Diverse Venture Capital Ecosystem

The venture capital space has historically shut out founders from ethnically and gender diverse backgrounds, and with a looming recession, things could get even worse. What needs to be done to improve equitable capital allocation in this critical part of the economy and how can venture debt play a role?... read more

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