2022 Deals of the Year

Q4 2022 | Vol. 20, No. 4

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2022 Deals of the Year

Year in and year out, the topic we cover most (and that our readers show the most interest in) is deal-making. We report on hundreds of deals every year and for each one, there is always a story. For ABF Journal’s first ever Deals of the Year listing, we scoured the extensive collection of deals […]... read more

Going Automatic: Exploring Technology Trends of 2022 and Beyond

In a roundtable with asset-based lending technology experts from Lendscape, Solifi, ABL Soft and Codix, ABF Journal explores the most recent trends in the ABL technology arena, including real time data sharing, artificial intelligence and software-as-a-service solutions.... read more

Asset-Based Lenders Didn't Start The Fire, But They'll Need to Protect Against It

In his annual year in review and outlook, Hugh Larratt-Smith of Trimingham spoke with experts from across the asset-based lending space to get a pulse on how the industry has dealt with the many economic hurdles of 2022 and how they’ll approach 2023.... read more

Forgotten Heroes: Chief Credit Officers Roundtable

In a roundtable discussion focused on chief credit officers, panelists from Edge Capital, Horizon Technology Finance, SLR Business Credit, Marco Financial and Wingspire Capital discuss the important role of the CCO and how they are leading credit teams through the economic turbulence of 2022.... read more

The Debt Doctors: Charting Concord Financial Advisors' Long Run As A Debt Placement Mainstay

During its more than 20-year track record, Concord Financial Advisors, founded by Tom Jones in Chicago, has found success living by its mission to source creative financing solutions for clients with optimal terms from lenders, resulting in significant savings of time and money.... read more

Picking The Right Technology For A Bulletproof Risk Appetite Statement

In the second installment of a two-part series, Suzanne Konstance of Wolters Kluwer Compliance Solutions outlines some of the technological tools lenders can use to improve risk assessment and mitigation.... read more

Evaluating A Borrower's Corporate Governance Enhances Credit Risk Management

Even if many lenders skip it, taking the time to review the makeup and function of a borrower’s corporate board of directors can be an invaluable tool for managing credit risk.... read more

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