Donna Glynn-Manning
Chief Accounting Officer

Donna Glynn-Manning’s commercial mindset and drive for innovation has become a hallmark of Raistone’s executive team since she joined the company in 2020.

Serving as chief account officer at Raistone today, Glynn-Manning entered the accounting field during a period when manual bookkeeping and data entry were the norm, inevitably leading to inconsistent and time-consuming work. To address this, she led the implementation of robust reporting structures supported by automated systems. That experience has paid dividends at Raistone.

Glynn-Manning has implemented multiple new processes for the company. For example, immediately upon joining, she identified crucial problems within the company: a lack of communication among departments that led to confusion about responsibilities and a lack of consistent reporting methodologies and delays in closing the books. She worked to build and foster robust interdepartmental relationships and clarify responsibilities, thus improving the company’s workflow speed, accuracy, consistency and efficiency.

In her four years with the company, Glynn-Manning has helped guide Raistone to more than 100% year-over-year growth every year, an incredible achievement that led to Raistone ranking No. 43 on the 2023 Deloitte Technology Fast 500.

The success continued in 2023, when Glynn-Manning delivered outstanding performance, such as aiding in the development of a business model for a new business-to-business accounts receivable early pay structure; leading an evaluation of Raistone’s footprint, customers and business mix, which led to a six-figure reduction in the company’s state tax liability; and spearheading a review of Raistone’s captive fund and delivering a streamlined and more effective administrative protocol for the benefit of the fund’s limited partners.

Successfully tackling such tasks requires strong leadership and a sense of accountability. With smooth processes and systems now in place, Glynn-Manning’s efforts and responsibilities have greatly contributed to the continued success of Raistone.