White Oak Commercial Finance funded more than $600 million in credit facilities in 2019 and more than $300 million year-to-date to diversified enterprises in North America, the UK, Europe and Australia.

White Oak bolstered its U.S. and international teams and credit offerings to service deals of increasing size and sophistication over the past year. It deployed asset-based credit facilities across industries and regions in the U.S., including a third-party logistics provider in Texas, a New-Jersey based jewelry company and a petroleum distribution company in California.

Globally, the firm provided a stretch-FILO credit facility to a UK-based steel production and distribution company, a stretch-ABL term loan to an Australian iron ore mining firm and invoice discounting financing to an automotive manufacturer in Mexico.

This year, White Oak has further expanded its global portfolio by funding two receivables purchase facilities in Europe and the UK totaling $175 million, as well as $50 million in acquisition financing and inventory purchase facilities to companies in the UK, France and Australia.

“Collectively, these deals demonstrate White Oak’s breadth of expertise across industries, and ability to nurture long-term engagements with a growing suite of financing solutions,” Andy McGhee, vice chairman of White Oak Commercial Finance, said. “The firm’s deep client and partner relationships allowed us to successfully fund companies in a variety of markets and business cycles.”

“Our results validate our ability to serve clients with ready liquidity and complex financing solutions to meet their working capital and growth objectives,” Robert Grbic, president and CEO of White Oak Commercial Finance, said.

“As an affiliate of White Oak Global Advisors, we are able to effectively combine our capabilities and are confident that we will further increase our global presence and meet our clients’ diverse and growing needs in the second half of the year,” Tom Otte, chairman of White Oak Commercial Finance, said.

White Oak Commercial Finance is a global financial products and services company providing credit facilities to companies of varying size and complexity.