Texas Capital Bancshares, the parent company of Texas Capital, launched Texas Capital Initio, an internally developed, proprietary digital onboarding solution designed to revolutionize the commercial banking experience by simplifying and accelerating the process of opening an account.

Initio, a cloud native software application, enables businesses to open commercial accounts within days, an improvement compared to other options that can often take multiple weeks. The solution does so by eliminating the burdensome and time-consuming manual processes traditionally associated with account onboarding, replacing them with a streamlined, automated approach that includes the ability to submit key data electronically and an option for electronic signatures.

“With a devoted focus on technology and a strong commitment to client-centric solutions, we have transformed the account opening experience for businesses,” Don Goin, chief information officer at Texas Capital, said. “Initio represents an innovative solution that addresses a pain point that many commercial clients traditionally face.”

“This solution represents the next generation of banking, one fueled by digital transformation,” Nancy McDonnell, head of treasury solutions at Texas Capital, said. “As of the first quarter of 2023, Texas Capital now onboards over 70% of all treasury clients digitally with Initio. By reducing the time and effort required for account setup, this technology empowers businesses to focus on their core operations, driving growth and operational efficiency.”