Rapid Finance, a company helping small businesses find sustainable and customized financing solutions through a fast and simple application process, updated its corporate branding in response to accelerated company growth and strong industry adoption of its scalable, purpose-built solutions to drive efficient SMB financing and servicing.

In addition to the new brand initiatives, Rapid Finance also formed Rapid Finance Enterprise, a new business segment containing the company’s servicing and technology businesses that serve enterprise customers with financial technology and business services solutions.

Through Rapid Finance’s Lending-as-a-Service (LaaS) business model, the restructuring positions corporate partners to readily apply the company’s technology and servicing business capabilities to support their portfolios at every level.

“There is an increasing need for fast and simple financing solutions for small businesses, especially those still recovering from the impact of the pandemic,” Will Tumulty, CEO of  Rapid Finance, said. “As a company, we have realized tremendous revenue growth and diversification in the past two years, so we are pleased to build upon this momentum to demonstrate the breadth of financial services, financing and technology solutions that we bring to our clients and partners across all of Rapid Finance’s business segments.”