Porter Capital, a provider of accounts receivable financing, provided an $8 million accounts receivable credit line to a service company.

After the COVID-19 pandemic left the $40 million service company with a cash flow issue due to later paying customers, it engaged New York-based investment banker Attract Capital to find a solution.

With a conventional loan facility not in the cards for the company, Attract Capital’s founder, David Barnitt, advised the company to secure a receivables financing facility that would infuse a significant cash position on the balance sheet on day one. To fulfill such needs, Attract introduced the company to Porter Capital.

“We ran our process and identified Porter Capital as a good fit. Porter was quick to respond and ran a straightforward process,” Barnitt said. “I was impressed with their personal commitment level to the deal. The Porter deal team was highly professional and transparent with the client, creating a sense of closing certainty and ongoing funding reliability.”

Porter extended an $8 million credit line secured by accounts receivable. The credit facility allows the company to draw up to 90% of the invoice balance immediately while also providing eligibility on the invoices for up to 120 days. Since the company had never financed its invoices before nor entered into an alternative finance agreement, education on the process was needed.

“Attract Capital was instrumental in managing the client’s expectations, bringing them up to speed on how the financing works and keeping everyone on task to fund the credit facility,” John Cox Miller, senior vice president of Porter Capital, said. “David and his team seemed to know exactly what we needed and managed an efficient process with the client. David also reviewed the credit agreements with the client and educated them on the importance of certain provisions necessary for an A/R lender. We are thrilled to gain a great client and fund one for our trusted partners at Attract Capital.”

“I am very excited to help my client obtain flexible, well-priced funding,” Barnitt said. “I am also happy to have helped Porter, a leading lender, close this deal and gain a new, scalable lending relationship.”