Jenny Meier has been named president of Mi BANK, a new bank based in New Bloomfield Hill, MI offering services tailored to business owners.

Most recently, Meier served as the Birmingham district president for the Bank of Ann Arbor. This position grew from her role as executive vice president and chief revenue officer of Bank of Birmingham, where she made an indelible mark on the bank’s creation and success.

“We are thrilled for Jenny to join Mi BANK as president,” said Rob Farr, chairman and CEO of Mi BANK. “Jenny brings two decades of banking experience to this role. She has worked in and mastered virtually every facet of the business. She is also well established in the community. She was the perfect choice to help lead our team.”

Mi BANK recently announced that it raised $30 million in capital and will be the first new bank in the Midwest since 2009. Mi BANK, opens its doors for business, Tuesday, May 28, 2019.

Mi BANK offers a full range of products and services tailored to business owners. The goal of Mi BANK is to take care of businesses and the busy people who run them.