Maxim Commercial Capital funded over 200 deals for small business owners in the second quarter of 2017.

The financings enabled business owners across a wide-range of industries to complete high-profit projects, fund working capital, expand their businesses and purchase equipment. Maxim provides financing in amounts up to $2.5 million secured by equipment and real estate, to small and mid-sized businesses located nationwide.

“We are proud to be able to provide essential financing to hard-working business owners who lack the capital they need to achieve their goals,” said Michael Kianmahd, vice president at Maxim. “We work quickly to understand each of our borrowers’ needs, roll up our sleeves to understand their assets, then structure a loan that helps them meet their targets.”

Transactions Maxim closed in Q2/17 included a $600,000 loan to a high-net worth entrepreneur in Kentucky, secured by second liens on commercial real estate and a first lien on an undeveloped retail site, enabling him to complete a project on time and realize a meaningful profit; a $50,000 equipment-secured loan to a chili pepper farmer in New Mexico for seasonal liquidity; and a $100,000 loan to a furniture glass importer/wholesaler in Los Angeles, secured by a box truck and second lien on residential real estate, to expand inventory.