LSQ, a provider of working capital solutions, originated a $1.5 million factoring facility for a packaging and distribution business in California.

The company specializes in beauty products and required an injection of capital to help fuel the expansion of a new cosmetics line. The facility with LSQ will allow the company to build up inventory to fulfill larger wholesale and subscription box orders.

“The demand for cosmetic and beauty products is having a strong rebound after last year,” Elena Anemogiannis, western regional vice president for LSQ, said. “LSQ’s working capital facility allows them to capitalize on this trend by accelerating the traction in both their retail and subscription box verticals.”

“This beauty brand is experiencing a surge in popularity, and we’re going to help them seize the moment so that they get paid sooner, expand their reach and grow faster,” Emily Lebron, senior underwriter for LSQ, said. “I fully expect this company to experience continued growth, and we’ll be prepared to help them scale at every stage.”