Loeb financed more than $12 million in equipment to seven new clients, including:

  • $5 million to a gear manufacturer
  • $4 million to a Canadian construction company
  • $1 million to a mining operation
  • $1 million to a chemical packager
  • $500,000 to a Midwest transportation firm
  • $500,000 to a food company
  • $500,000 to a Canadian foundry

“Our team continues to demonstrate its flexibility and willingness to work with our clients as partners to solve their financial issues with no covenants,” Howard Newman, president of Loeb, said. “It continues to impress me how we can adapt to the marketplace and get our clients the money they need as quickly as we do. I give our team a ton of credit for their hard work.”

Since 1880, Loeb has been a provider of equipment and related services that help manufacturing and financial companies leverage their industrial assets.