Gibraltar Business Capital is celebrating 10 years of providing access to liquidity to middle-market companies.

Gibraltar’s history began in 1951, when its predecessor Gibraltar Financial was founded in Chicago. In 1995, a rookie account executive named Scott Winicour joined the firm. Working his way from the ground floor up — learning the sales, credit, operations and underwriting processes — Winicour took over operations in 2005. Then in 2010, Winicour led a management buyout of Gibraltar Financial Corporation and established Gibraltar Business Capital.

Since 2010, GBC has supported more than 200 borrowers with $500 million in funding commitments.

In 2010, GBC secured a $15 million credit facility from Wells Fargo Capital Finance. That credit line has now reached $150 million. GBC’s 2018 acquisition by Hercules Capital, a $2.5 billion-dollar specialty finance company, also strengthened its ability to grow.

Since 2010, GBC has more than doubled the size of its team and added offices across the country.
Under the leadership of Anthony DiChiara, executive vice president of sales for GBC, the business development team has expanded into five offices covering the East, West, Northeast, Midwest and Southeast regions.

The credit team also has been expanded under Mark Stoeberl, chief credit officer, and the operations team, led by Agnes Falconer, vice president, has been growing as well.

GBC has been working to make it the best possible partner in the challenging circumstances its clients are often experiencing, including the COVID-19 pandemic. Because it deals with companies in transition, GBC’s people have to be exceptionally diligent about the way they talk to and treat their clients. Establishing a supportive relationship helps to have productive discussions and better understanding.

GBC is proud of the recent work its team has done with companies like Bentek during the lockdown phase of this pandemic. It also applauds team members for adjusting to meet customer needs with non-traditional solutions like a recent two-part funding solution developed for a manufacturing client, and for meeting the need for speed when a family office required quick delivery on an $18 million facility.

GBC looks forward to the next 10 years and to more new ventures, new clients and new team members. It will continue to devote its efforts to providing its clients best-in-class service and innovative financing. Judging by the past 10 years, that is a path that leads to success for its clients and company.