Gerber Finance launched Gerber+ to expand its portfolio services. While Gerber Finance currently focuses on facilities up to $10 million, the new division will service businesses seeking funding ranging from $10 million to $25 million.

The company’s first client is Molded Acoustical Products of Easton, a full-service insulation manufacturing solutions company.

Gerber established this new division alongside its parent company, eCapital, an alternative finance provider, to help companies accelerate their access to capital. The new division will be led by Entela Semini, senior vice president, who will serve as Northeast director of Gerber+.

In September, the company also launched the Naturally Gerber Finance division, which is focused on the natural products industry.

“It’s exciting to formalize our expanded offering with the support of eCapital for companies needing larger amounts of funding,” Jennifer Palmer, CEO of Gerber Finance, said. “Not only can we provide capital up to $25 million, but we also act as a strategic partner with our extensive industry knowledge and the personalized support we are known for.”

“We are excited to partner with Gerber Finance to help create this new division so that we can support the growth of companies seeking more substantial levels of funding,” Marius Silvasan, CEO of eCapital, said. “Gerber+ furthers the vision we share to provide personalized service, and we are happy to help expand Gerber’s reach to help more businesses.”

“We chose Gerber Finance because they were thorough and a pleasure to work with throughout the entire process,” John D’Amico Jr., president and CEO of MAP of Easton, said. “Even with the Covid issues raging around us, they managed to push through the issues and close without a hitch. Huge thanks to the Gerber team for their hard work and support in making it happen.”